2018 Annual Public Procurement Assessment Report

The Benin Procurement Bureau is a critical oversight institution whose overarching mandate rests on the pillars of competition, transparency, fairness, probity and accountability in public sector procurement. In short, ensuring good governance. It was established by the Government of Benin under the Public Procurement Act.



The Vision of the Benin Procurement Bureau is to ensure full compliance by all procuring entities, suppliers, contractors, consultants and other parties in public procurement with the requirements of the Public Procurement Act 2016 and its regulatory instruments in order to ensure competitiveness, transparency, accountability and value for money in government expenditures, which are the prerequisites for good governance.


“To regulate and monitor public procurement in Benin and to advise Government on issues relating to public procurement.”


The values of the Benin Procurement Bureau are:

  • Transparency
  • Fairness
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity

We take this opportunity to thank our donor partners especially those funding the PFMIC project for their invaluable and timely support which enabled BPB to undertake this assessment and produce this report.