Covid-19 Contract Awards

The information provided herewith on contracts awarded is a summary of the pertinent portions of these contracts in fulfillment of Section 26 of the Public Procurement Act, 2016. Detai$d information on the contracts published below can be obtained from the entities concerned in accordance with the Right to Access Information Act, 2013. Section 3 of this Act describes how such requests should be made and Section 4, specifically, 4.1 provides the time limit, which should not exceed fifteen (15) working days for the entity’s response.

CompLEted Procurement managed by Covid-19 – Fund Admin  as at 31-12-2020 WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.


In line with section 6 of the Corona Disease Emergency Fund (Management) Regulations 2020, the Administrator will publish in widely circulated media all the names of the companies to whom significant contracts have been awarded in such form as may be specified by the committee. In complying with the regulation all completed in contracts in excess of XOF500 million are listed in the table below:

Awarded Contracts Related to Covid-19 UPDATES WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.

Procurement practitioners have a responsibility to not only be conversant with the requirements of the Act, but should inform their respective procuring entities and committees accordingly for adherence and compliance.”

Benin Procurement Bureau (BPB)